Private Internet Access VPN Review

Private Internet Access VPN Review

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Private Internet Access VPN Overview:

Private Internet Access is one of those rare VPN providers that offers excellent features at rock bottom prices. With plans starting as low as $3.33 per month, and enough features to keep all but the most obsessive VPN users happy, Private Internet Access offers over 140 VPN servers in 9 countries. Their main market seems to be the U.S. and they have 5 specific states and 3 additional regions to choose from, so you should always be able to find a fast server. Private Internet Access offers all the major VPN protocols, has decent speeds, and really takes their customers’ privacy seriously.

Private Internet Access VPN Quick Stats:

ServersOver 145
CountriesServers in 9
Custom VPN SoftwareYes
ProtocolsOpenVPN, L2TP,PPTP
Security FeaturesFirewall, VPN Kill switch
Tech SupportLive Chat, Email
Pricing$3.33+ per month

VPN Setup and Installation

Like all VPN providers, Private Internet Access VPN gives you the option to set up your OpenVPN, L2TP or PPTP connection manually, but the fastest and best solution is just to download their proprietary connection software. They also have installation guides for your mobile devices such as your Android smartphone, Iphone or tablet. By downloading the VPN software, I was up and running with the VPN in under 3 minutes from the time I first logged in to my account.

The manual installation guides are effective, but totally text based. No video or picture setup guides like some other VPN’s. The good news is that 4 out of 5 users won’t ever want to set up a connection manually anyway, and those that do should find it easy enough.


Private Internet Access VPN Features:

You will find a reasonably solid feature set with this VPN. No, they don’t have 500 servers in more countries than you can name, but they have enough options that you should be able to get acceptable speeds wherever you happen to be located. If you’re in the U.S. you should be well taken care of as they have all the regions covered.


Private Internet Access has thrown in some bonus security features, including a server side firewall that blocks unwanted incoming connections for you. They also build a VPN kill switch into their software that gives you the option to automatically disconnect your internet connection should your VPN connection fail. You can also choose to enable DNS leak protection, which helps close additional security vulnerabilities in your Operating System to give you maximum privacy online. The VPN also features 128-bit encryption, which can scale up to 1024-bit depending on the software and server used. Even 128-bit security should be sufficient for anything short of protecting government secrets.


Software Review of Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access VPN Software

The software interface is simple yet functional. You can choose between the simple and advanced layout (pictured above is the advanced). You’re given a range of options including connection type (TCP vs UDP) port choice, and toggling the security features like VPN Kill Switch. You can also choose your server location from the dropdown box on the left. You also have the option login to the Private Internet Access VPN service automatically when your OS loads, to ensure you’re always protected all the time. The VPN software only works with the OpenVPN protocol, but that’s the best option for most people anyway


Private Internet Access VPN Speed Test

The speeds we experienced in testing were decent but nothing to write home about. All servers we tested (except france) offered at least 3Mbps download speed, and several were closer to 8Mbps. While 3Mbps is more than enough for everyday internet usage, power users who need maximum bandwidth for things like HD video streaming will need to make sure they pick a server close by, and even that may not be enough during peak hours. The remaining 90% of us should find the speeds perfectly adequate.

Speed Test Results:

Private Internet Access VPN Speed Test NY

US – East Coast Server

Private Internet Acccess Speedtest France


Private Internet Access VPN speedtest Canada

Canada – Toronto

Private Internet Access VPN review

US – California

Private Internet Access VPN Pricing & Payment

VPN Pricing

With plans starting as low as $3.33 per month, Private Internet Access is one of the best values in the industry. Buying a full year of VPN service only costs $39.95. Even individual months are still cheaper than the 12 month price of most VPN’s. A single month of service will cost a mere $6.95

Private Internet Access Pricing Breakdown:

  • 1 Month for $6.95
  • 6 Months for $35.95
  • 12 Months for $39.95

Payment Options

Private Internet Access VPN accepts all major credit cards. Additionally they accept Paypal, Google Wallet, Amazon Payments, and Bitcoin (the world’s first anonymous payment service)

The Final Word

You may find more features, servers, or software at other VPN providers, but you’re unlikely to find more value. As long as you don’t need micro-regional I.P. address control or super-high bandwidth, Private Internet Access VPN is an excellent choice. When you consider you can get a full year of VPN service for under $40, you’d be crazy not to at least check them out and see if they fit your needs.


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