ProXPN Review and Speed Test $6.25

ProXPN Review and Speed Test

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Overview of ProXPN VPN

ProXPN VPN is a pretty popular vpn service. They offer a free vpn service with no ads (but no server options and capped bandwidth) as well as a pro vpn service with multiple server choices and much faster speeds. ProXPN offers mobile device support as well and they have their own mobile apps scheduled for release soon. The ProXPN software has all the critial vpn features you need, at a price that you can afford, starting as low as $6.25 per month.

VPN Setup

Setting up ProXPN for use with your desktop computer is quick and easy. Simply download and install their free VPN software, choose a vpn protocol (OpenVPN or PPTP) and click connect. If you want to setup your connection manually (for example to route all network traffic from your router through the VPN) they have easy setup guides. You can also manually set up a vpn connection for your smartphone or tablet.

ProXPN is also compatible with the OpenVPN android app, and they also have their own iOS and Android app coming out in the near future.



ProXPN has servers in 7 cities: Dallas, Seattle, London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York and Singapore


ProXPN uses 2048-bit encryption keys and a 512-bit encrypted VPN tunnel (which is twice the encryption level of most vpn’s).

General Features:

  • OpenVPN and PPTP Protocols
  • VPNGuard Integration (See Software)
  • 512-Bit Encryption
  • p2p allowed on non-U.S. servers

Software Overview

ProXPN’s software interface is one of the cleanest and most attractive I’ve tested. All functions are easy to find and well organized. The software features a ‘Server Choice’ dropdown menu, Protocol Choice, vpn connection progress meter, and simple connection log at the bottom. It also includes VPNGuard which is an extremely useful feature that will automatically close specified applications if your VPN connection should be dropped suddenly.

ProXPN Software Main Screen

ProXPN Software Main Screen

As you can see, the software also gives you the option to start a ProXPN connection on system startup, or to connect to the VPN automatically when the software loads. Software also displays your New IP Address once you’re connected to a server for added verication.

There are additional options available in the settings menu, such as specifying which port ProXPN will use, which makes it much easier to set up port-forwarding through your router if desired.


VPNGuard Settings

VPN Guard Features

VPN Guard is useful feature that usually requires standalone software, but ProXPN has integrated it directly into their client software. VPN Guard allows the user to specify which (if any) software programs should be instantaneously closed if your VPN connection should fail for some reason. This prevents you from having your true IP exposed without warning when you are using a program or service where you’d rather remain anonymous.

Common examples of programs you may want to add to VPN Guard would be:

  • Web Browser
  • A Bittorrent or P2p Client
  • Email Software

Speed Test

Our ProXPN Speed Test yielded pretty solid results. ProXPN had average to above-average speeds compared to similarly priced VPN providers.

ProXPN Speed Test Amsterday


ProXPN Speed Test london


ProXPN Speed Test LA

Los Angeles

ProXPN Speed Test NYC

New York City

Price and Payment Options

ProXPN has 3 different pricing options, depending on how much service you buy at one time:

  • 1 Month at $9.95 / month
  • 6 Months at $8.30 / month
  • 12 Months at $6.25/ month

All plans come with a 7 day money-back guarantee, so we recommend buying the 12 month plan for the best value. You can also use their free service first to get a feel for the software (though your speed will be limited to 300k and you will have only 1 server option)

ProXPN accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal.

If payment anonymity is important to you, we recommend paying with a prepaid credit card that you buy in person (instead of online)


ProXPN definitely has mass-market appeal as a vpn service provider. Their software is clean, functional, and easy to use and their service delivers all of the features you need, without forcing you to pay for extra stuff you probably don’t need or want. If you don’t need a ton of international servers and want a vpn that provides excellent customer support and good mobile integration, ProXPN should be on your list.

Don’t forget ProXPN also has a (bandwidth-limited) free version of their vpn service that will help decide whether they are the right vpn for you.

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