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PureVPN In-Depth Review

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PureVPN is a feature-rich VPN provider with excellent speeds and functionality. They are priced a bit higher than average ($18/month or $160 per year which comes out to $13.33 monthly). For that added cost, you expect better service and PureVPN delivers. They had some of the fastest speeds of any VPN we’ve tested, good customer support, good server variety, and a number of extra software features to make your user experience even better.

VPN Setup

If you’re using PureVPN on a personal computer, the setup process is super quick and easy. You simply download the PureVPN desktop software, enter your login info, and hit connect. It takes less than 2 minutes to be online. If you want to use PureVPN with other devices such as smartphones or tablets, there are manual connection options (simple setup guides) available.


PureVPN has all the features you’d expect from a high quality VPN provider, as well as some you might not expect. You can choose from 3 VPN protocols: L2TP, PPTP and SSTP (OpenVPN is not supported). PureVPN has servers in more than 25 cities around the world. They offer 128-bit encryption, Smart server routing, on the fly server changes, and the option to specify which applications will use the VPN server. PureVPN also has fast download speeds during both peak and off-peak ours. Customer support for PureVPN is available by email, or through live chat (which is accessible directly from the PureVPN software).

Software Overview

Dashboard / General Features

The PureVPN dashboard has most of the functionality you need for your vpn. You can choose your protocol and server of choice from dropdown menus before hitting “connect.” Once connected, you’re new IP address appears in the top-right corner for added confirmation. You also have a bandwidth graph right on the main screen.

PureVPN Software Dashboard

Dashboard View

Settings Menu

The settings menu screen allows you to customize various display options, as well as choose your encryption settings. You can also specify whether you would like PureVPN to auto-reconnect, auto-login, or auto-start when your operating system loads.

PureVPN software settings

Settings Screen

Split Tunneling Feature

This is a brand new feature that is pretty unique in the VPN world. Basically it allows you to specify specific programs that will use your VPN connection, while everything else will use your standard internet connection. For example, if you wanted to use PureVPN only for Bittorrent and Skype, you would add those programs to the list, and everything else like your web-browsing, netflix streaming, etc would be routed outside of the VPN through your normal ISP connection.

PureVPN Split Tunneling Setup

Split Tunneling

Country Selection Tool

This is a pretty useful tool. You can specify your intended use for the VPN at the moment (video streaming, privacy, p2p etc). You can then select a country, or just select the world as a whole. PureVPN will then automatically find the fastest server given your criteria and connect you.

PureVPN country selection tool

Country Selection Tool

Integrated Tech Support

PureVPN (in a stroke of genius) integrates the tech support feature directly into it’s desktop client. No longer do you have to go to your VPN’s website and log into your account before submitting a request for technical support. The live chat and email options are built right into the software. You can even export a logfile from the software to make it easier for the support team to diagnose problems and fix them faster.


PureVPN Software Technical Support

Tech Support


Speed Test

In testing, we found PureVPN to have speeds that were well above average compared to other VPN services. On international servers, download speeds would sometimes drop as low as 3 Mbps during peak hours, but we could always find a few servers with 8+ Mbps at any time of day, which should be more than adequate for even the most bandwidth intense activities like video streaming.

Speed Test Results


PureVPN Germany Speed Test

Germany – Munich

PureVPN UK Speedtest

UK – Maidenhead

PureVPN Los Angeles Speed Test

US – Los Angeles

PureVPN quebec speed test

Canada – Quebec

As you can see, the speeds are quite impressive. Some of these speeds were experienced during off-peak hours, and some during peak hours. We used the PPTP protocol for all speed tests.

Pricing and Payment Options

PureVPN has a few different VPN plans, but we only recommend the “Unlimited Plan.” The other two plans are capped at 30GB per month and aren’t nearly as good of a value.

Pricing Options for PureVPN ‘Unlimited’ Plan

  • 1 Month for $18
  • 6 Months for $85
  • 12 Months for $160 ($13.33 per month)

PureVPN Payment Options

PureVPN accepts all major credit cards as well as Paypal and several less common payment methods like Paysafe.


PureVPN has a solid feature-set and should be a top choice for people who’s top priority is bandwidth and speed. PureVPN is a bit more expensive than the average VPN service, but if you want premium performance, you’re going to have to pay a premium price. We had no problems with PureVPN’s service, and recommend it highly.

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