VYPR VPN Review (In-Depth) $14.99

VYPR VPN Review (In-Depth)

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VyprVPN is a newcomer in the crowded VPN scene. They set themselves apart from the crowd by offering services not available with most VPN providers, including a free secure online storage service known as “Dump Truck” and mobile apps for their Vyprvpn service, making it super easy to secure your data connections on your iOS or android smartphone. To date, VyprVPN is one of the only VPN providers with a standalone VPN mobile app. VyprVPN currently offers their top level vpn package for $14.99 per month with no contract and no discount for buying an entire year in advance. VyprVPN features up to 256-bit encryption, and offers servers in 7 countries so far.

VPN Setup

Desktop Application (Windows and Mac)

Setting up VyprVPN is quick and easy. simply download the desktop app for your specific operating system, install it, enter you username and password, and you’re up and running.

VyprVPN software

Vypr Software Screenshot

Mobile Setup

VyprVPN offers free mobile applications for their VPN software for both iOS and Android devices. The mobile apps are only offered for customers using the VyprVPN’s ‘Pro’ plan, at $14.99 per month. Setup is just as easy as the desktop software. Just download the app directly from the google play store or Itunes store, enter your login info, and you’re all set.

VyprVPN iOS and Android App

VyprVPN iOS and Android App


VyprVPN offers most of the standard VPN features, and several less common premium features that really help separate them from the average vpn.

VyprVPN Feature List:

  • Servers in 7+ Countries
  • 128-bit or 256-bit encryption (pro only)
  • Free Android and iOS App (pro only)
  • PPTP, L2TP/Ipsec and OpenVPN SSL Protocols supported
  • Dump Truck secure online storage integration (5GB secure cloud drive included)

Software Overview

The desktop software is simple but effective. You get the choice of 4 options via checkbox as well as the ability to select your server and vpn protocol

VyprVPN software

VyprVPN Software Screenshot

VyprVPN also puts an icon in the system tray section of your task bar, to give you a visual indicator of your vpn status. As you would expect, red means you are not connected, and green indicates an active VPN connection. There is also a flashing yellow indicator while VyprVPN is actively attempting to connect.

VyprVPN SysTray Icon

VyprVPN Connection Status

  VyprVPN Speed Test

VyprVPN may be a bit light on features, but it’s pretty heavy on speed. We found that the U.S. servers especially were fast, no matter what time of day. We were able to get 6Mbps or better on nearly every server we tested which should be good enough for HD video streaming online through Netflix or Hulu.

Peak Hours Speedtest Results

vyprvpn texas speed test peak

Texas Speed Test (Peak Hours)

Peak London Speedtest

London Speed test (Peak Hours)

Peak hours vypr california

California Speed Test (Peak Hours)

VyprVPN Off-Peak Speed Test Results

vypr texas speedtest

Texas Speed Test (Off-Peak)

vypr dc speedtest

Washington DC Speed Test (Off-Peak)

vypr london speedtest off peak

London Speed Test (Off-Peak)

Price and Payment Options

VyprVPN Plans

VyprVPN offers two VPN levels, VyprVPN standard and VyprVPN Pro. VyprVPN standard costs $9.99 but is limited to PPTP, 128-bit encyrption, and doesn’t include access to the VyprVPN mobile apps.

VyprVPN Pro  adds L2TP and OpenVPN capability, double the encryption strength, and easy mobile vpn integration with the iOS and Android VyprVPN apps. VyprVPN pro Costs $14.99 per month.

Currently Vypr doesn’t offer a discount for buying multiple months at a time.

Payment Options:

Currently, VyprVPN only accepts major credit cards. They don’t accept Bitcoin or even Paypal.


VyprVPN is relatively new and seems to still be figuring out their niche in the VPN market. The best features of VyprVPN are the excellent bandwidth and easy mobile integration with their own smartphone applications

Who should choose VyprVPN?

VyprVPN is best suited for someone that needs lots of bandwidth, but not a ton of server options. If you’re primary reason for purchasing a VPN is to access U.S. based video streaming websites, VyprVPN should perform admirably. Similarly, if you’re on the lookout for a VPN that offers their own smartphone VPN app, that list is very short, and VyprVPN is near the top.

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